Incorporated in 1998, TRADETEK RESOURCES, INC., is the appointed Exclusive Philippine Distributor and Applicator of the Ashford Formula.

In its early days, the company’s initial challenge was to effectively educate the Philippine market about the concept of Concrete Chemical Densification and the numerous, permanent benefits of the Ashford Formula.

Over the years, the company has grown both in terms of Square Meters Treated and Industries Served by the Ashford Formula. Said growth can be mainly attributed to:

  • The Superior and Permanent Performance of the Ashford Formula
  • The Twenty Year (20) Performance Based Warranty Given,
  • The Trust and Credibility the Company has built and nurtured with Top Philippine Architect, Developers, Contractors, Facility Owners, Etc.

Tradetek Resources, Inc. has successfully treated over Two Million Five Hundred Square Meters of Concrete Floors with the Ashford Formula since 1998. The company’s projects are spread across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and cover a wide variety of projects including Basement and Podium Parking Areas, Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities, Commissaries, Logistic Centers, Supermarkets, and Schools and Universities to name a few.