Green By Design From The Very Beginning

The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System is a Green and Environmental-Friendly
System that contributes to the qualification of LEED Certifications

Environmentally Safe

The RetroPlate System is:

  • Water-based
  • Odorless
  • Non-flammable
  • Zero Volatile Organic Compound
  • No Solvent
  • No Harmful Vapours
  • Requires no protective clothing
  • Requires no breathing apparatus

Natural Product

Not a Topical Material or Coating that will require extensive maintenance, and stripping and reapplication of Synthetic Materials.

Makes use and improves on existing concrete slabs in a safe, environmentally friendly, cost-efficient way.

LEED Point Contributor

The RetroPlate Concrete Polishing System contributes to LEED Certification in the following areas:

1.) Energy & Atmosphere Credit
2.) Material & Resource Credit
3.) Indoor Environmental Quality Credit
4.) Innovation & Design Process Credit

For a detailed description of how the RetroPlate System can contribute to LEED points for project certification, please click here.

For LEED Indoor Air Quality, please click here

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